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Well let's start with the rant. Its not that it makes me anger but it just annoys me. Facebook. My one friend has to post EVERYTHING on facebook,but I have him as a close friend so I know if he is sad,and needs some cheering up. But he is also one of those who like to post their opinions,and than bitch if ou do not agree with him. I'm kind of offended by some of his post,mostly because when he talks about religon it is always to slander (if that's a good word to use) agaist Christians. I myself am Christian. But what ticks me off is that he doesnt say "most" or "some" Christians. He points his opinion on ALL. Like for example. About the "gay is a sin" thing. I do NOT believe in that,but I guess in either the Christian or Catholic,or both. (To me they are the same idk what is the difference). But to him all of them believe being gay a sin. Yeah I do disagree with people,who say that. Being gay isn't a sin,it's just to me a sexuality that can be as private as it can be,or public like a public as celebs relationships. But it's just,it annoys me,and no going to him,saying I'm offended by what he is saying,or how he worded it I don't will hel,it maybe will. But he is also one of those types of people who use the word "butthurt". But moving on,I did talk to him today about other things,because aside from him and his facebook status,I go to him for help. I talked to him about me going insane,because I wanted to hurt myself,and I had a fear of gaining anymore weight. I gained 4 pounds :/ That I was ok,but I have a feel I gained more,I don't like it...So idk what to really do,but to stay postive,but other than that. What else can I do? What if that doesn' work? Also back to the rant part,I hate people who post EVERYTHING on facebook. My cousin's girlfriend posted this on her facebook "What do you do when the crush of your life asks you out and you have to tell him no because your dating somebody that you don't want to break up with?!?". That annoyed me,no I do not give one little fuck about my cousin,but its kind of like "Seriously? You pretty much told your boyfriend you do not want to date him". Idon't understand why someone would just do that. Now before I go(sorry for long journal) the pain part is my athritist is acting up cause of the cold weather,so I can't sleep,to much pain. I want to sleep :/ and it doesn't hurt enough to take pain meds,but its enough to where I can't sleep. That's pretty much it. I'm just gonna go,bye.

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